Preface: Ajman, a rapidly flourishing emirate in the UAE, presents compelling growth opportunities for global investors and entrepreneurs. It serves as an enticing hub for enterprises aiming to establish a presence and thrive in the burgeoning local and regional markets.Leverage our streamlined approach as we guide you through the entire process of company registration in Ajman. With our efficient team of experts, we prioritize providing a hassle-free experience, ensuring your company becomes operationally ready within the specified timeframe.

Our comprehensive service package encompasses all the essentials for seamless company registration in Ajman:

  • Company registration in Ajman mainland and Ajman Free Zone Area
  • Company secretary services and registered address provision
  • Facilitation of local and international corporate bank account openings
  • Handling trade or business license application filings
  • Annual accounting and tax obligation services



Ajman Free Zone is a haven for investors, offering a wide array of advantages to fuel success. Experience a streamlined business setup with expedited trade license issuance, cost-effective establishment, diverse visa options, and a plethora of business activities to choose from.

  1. 100% Foreign Ownership: Enjoy the freedom of complete ownership, creating an ideal environment for international entrepreneurs to thrive.
  2. Tax Exemption: Businesses in the Free Zone are exempt from all taxes, paving the way for a financially advantageous setup.
  3. Effortless Capital and Profit Transfer: Simplify financial operations with Ajman Free Zone’s facilitation of uncomplicated capital and profit transfer.
  4. Cost-Effective Leasing and Facilities: Investors benefit from reasonable costs for land leasing, office facilities, and electricity, optimizing overall operational efficiency.
  5. Access to Affordable Labor: Tap into a pool of cost-effective labor, supporting businesses in maintaining competitive operational costs.
  6. Sponsorship of Dependents Made Easy: Entrepreneurs find convenience in sponsoring dependents, ensuring a harmonious integration of personal and professional aspects.
  7. Setup for Companies with Multiple Shareholders: Ajman Free Zone accommodates businesses with multiple shareholders, providing flexibility in company setup structures.
  8. Proximity to Ajman Port: The strategic location grants easy access to Ajman Port, facilitating efficient logistics and transportation for businesses.


Certain business activities are restricted within Ajman Free Zone, including:

  1. Financial Services: Activities related to financial services are not permitted within the Ajman Free Zone.
  2. Insurance and Reinsurance: Businesses engaged in insurance and reinsurance operations are not allowed to operate in the Ajman Free Zone.
  3. Media Services: Media-related activities, encompassing broadcasting, publishing, and other media services, are restricted within the Free Zone.
  4. Aviation Services: Operations related to aviation are not permitted in Ajman Free Zone.
  5. Business Transactions with Onshore Companies in the UAE: Engaging in business transactions with companies outside the Free Zone jurisdiction is restricted.
  6. Establishing a Branch in the UAE: Companies established in Ajman Free Zone are restricted from setting up branches in other parts of the UAE.

Permitted Business Activities:

Ajman Free Zone allows a diverse range of business activities, including:

  1. International Trade: Businesses can engage in international trade activities, leveraging the strategic location of the Free Zone.
  2. Brokerage Activities: Brokerage services, facilitating transactions between parties, are permitted within the Free Zone.
  3. Intellectual Property Rights Holding: Companies can operate as intellectual property rights holders, managing and licensing intellectual property assets.
  4. Property Holding in Ajman: Property holding activities within the Ajman Free Zone jurisdiction are allowed.
  5. Online Advertising Activities: Businesses can conduct online advertising activities within the Free Zone.
  6. Consultancy Services: Consultancy services across various industries are permitted within Ajman Free Zone.
  7. Registration of Ships: Ajman Free Zone allows businesses to engage in the registration of ships.
  8. Trading in Stock Markets: Companies within the Free Zone can participate in trading activities in stock markets.


Before embarking on the Ajman Free Zone company registration process, it’s crucial to comprehend the various types of legal entities permitted by AFZA. According to AFZA regulations, businesses can choose from the following entities:

  1. Zone Establishment (FZE): An independent corporate entity, the Zone Establishment (FZE) allows registration by a single shareholder with a minimal capital investment. This structure provides complete autonomy for the shareholder in the business operations.
  2. Free Zone Company (FZC): For businesses with 2 to 5 shareholders or corporates, the Free Zone Company (FZC) is an ideal choice. It requires a minimum capital investment and offers flexibility in ownership, making it suitable for a small group of investors or corporate entities.
  3. Branch of a Foreign Company: This license allows 100% ownership and enables a foreign company to conduct various commercial activities within Ajman Free Zone. To make sales, it’s essential for the agent or distributor to be registered in the UAE, ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  4. Branch of UAE Company: UAE-based companies have the freedom to establish a branch in Ajman Free Zone Area. This structure facilitates seamless expansion and allows companies based in the UAE to extend their operations into the vibrant business environment of Ajman Free Zone.


Streamlined Ajman Free Zone Application Process

For a seamless application process in Ajman Free Zone, investors need to provide the following documents based on the type of entity:

A Freezone Establishment (FZE):

  1. Valid passport copy (minimum 6 months validity).
  2. Color photograph.
  3. No Objection Letter from the sponsor if the applicant holds a valid UAE residence.
  4. Feasibility study for Industrial & Services enterprises.
  5. No capital deposit required in the bank.

A Freezone Company (FZC):

  1. Valid passport copy (minimum 6 months validity) of the representative or manager.
  2. Color photograph.
  3. No Objection Letter from the sponsor if the applicant holds a valid UAE residence.
  4. Feasibility study for Industrial & Services enterprises.
  5. No capital deposit required in the bank.

A Branch of a Local Company:

  1. Valid passport copy (minimum 6 months validity) of the representative or manager.
  2. Color photograph.
  3. No Objection Letter from the sponsor if the applicant holds a valid UAE residence.
  4. Feasibility study for Industrial & Services enterprises.
  5. No capital deposit required in the bank.

A Branch of a Foreign Company:

  1. Valid passport copy (minimum 6 months validity) of the representative or manager.
  2. Color photograph.
  3. Registration certificate issued by the competent authority in the company’s home country.
  4. Contract of association of the company.
  5. Resolution issued by the competent authority for company activity in the Freezone, along with the appointment of a representative or manager through a duly attested Power of Attorney.
  6. Feasibility study for Industrial & Services enterprises.


Ajman Free Zone Company Registration: A Simplified Guide

When it comes to registering your company in Ajman Free Zone, the process is streamlined and uncomplicated. Our dedicated consultants, well-versed in Ajman’s regulatory landscape, have outlined the key steps involved in this straightforward engagement:

Step 1: Define Your Business Activities

Ajman Free Zone accommodates a wide array of business activities. From accounting to IT, hospitality to trading, Fionza Consultants will ensure that all intended business activities are meticulously listed in the license application. Failure in this step can lead to complications in the registration process. We require essential KYC documents, including director names and identification proof, to proceed.

Step 2: Register Your Trade Name

Fionza Consultants will register your trade name with the Ajman Free Zone Authority, conducting prior searches to ensure name availability. Compliance with UAE regulations for company names is crucial, including avoiding religious references and adhering to specific naming conventions.

Step 3: Choose Your Legal Entity

Selecting the appropriate legal entity is critical. Depending on your business goals, Fionza Consultants will guide you on the best entity type, such as a branch, Free Zone Company (FZC), or Free Zone Establishment (FZE). Recommendations will cover paid-up share capital, company structure, legislation, and available licenses.

Step 4: Apply for Business License & Register Entity

Based on your business activities, our team will recommend suitable licenses and guide you through the application process. Fionza Consultants’ legal team will assist in drafting high-quality license applications and compile necessary supporting documents. Once completed, your business entity will be registered with the Ajman Free Zone Authority.

Step 5: Visa Application

With the business license in hand, foreign entrepreneurs must apply for visas. Fionza Consultants will handle post-licensing requirements, assisting in visa applications and other necessary permits for smooth business operation in Ajman Free Zone.

Step 6: Open Corporate Bank Account

Fionza Consultants simplifies the process of opening a corporate bank account. With established partnerships with reputable banks like Mashreq Bank, Emirates Islamic, and Standard Chartered Bank, our banking team ensures timely solutions. Corporate bank account opening typically takes four weeks, and our representatives can accompany you to bank meetings if required.


Company Registration
6 weeks
Bank Account Opening
4 weeks
Local Director
Travel Required

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