Preface: Setting up a company in Finland is a straightforward process, especially with the assistance of Fionza Consultants. Our team of experts is here to simplify Finnish company registration, allowing you to focus your time and energy on growing your business.

Finland is an attractive destination for foreign investors, boasting a robust private sector and a business-friendly environment. Here’s how we can help you establish your company seamlessly with the Registrar of Companies:

Finland Company Registration: We’ll handle the entire process of registering your company with the Finnish Trade Register, ensuring all necessary legal requirements are met.

Company Secretary and Registered Local Address: Fionza Consultants will provide you with a local company secretary and a registered address, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Corporate Bank Account Opening Services: We facilitate the opening of a corporate bank account, streamlining your financial operations.

Accounting and Tax Obligations: Our team will handle your accounting needs and ensure you meet your tax obligations, ensuring smooth financial operations.

By entrusting us with these services, you can rest assured that your Finnish company will be up and running within the required timeframe. Let Fionza Consultants guide you through the hassle-free process of establishing your business in Finland, taking full advantage of the welcoming environment for foreign investors.


Registering a Finnish company offers numerous advantages, making it an attractive option for foreign investors:

Single Shareholder Requirement: You can establish a Finnish company with just one shareholder, simplifying the incorporation process.

Low Minimum Share Capital: The minimum paid-up share capital is only €2,500, which is relatively low compared to other countries.

No Physical Presence Required: Foreign investors can register a Finnish corporation without the need to visit Finland in person, making it convenient and efficient. Fionza Consultants can assist with remote registration.

English Proficiency: Many Finns are proficient in English, especially in the business sector, making communication and operations smoother for international businesses.

Euro Currency: Finland uses the Euro as its official currency, offering financial stability and ease of doing business.

EU Membership: As a member of the European Union (EU), Finland provides access to a vast market and favorable trade conditions with other EU members.

Low Corporate Tax: Finland maintains a competitive flat corporate tax rate of 20%, which is advantageous for businesses seeking tax efficiency.

Political and Economic Stability: Finland boasts a long-standing history of political stability and a resilient economy, offering a secure environment for investment.

Northern European Opportunities: Finland’s strategic location and friendly relations with neighboring countries open up abundant opportunities for foreign investors to tap into regional markets.

Skilled Workforce: Finland is known for its well-educated population, providing access to a highly skilled and innovative workforce.

Ideal for Tech Companies: Tech companies in Finland can benefit from low-interest loans and substantial tax deductions for Research and Development (R&D) employees, encouraging innovation and growth.

Dividends Tax Exemption: Dividends paid to EU holding companies from their Finnish subsidiaries are exempt from taxation, reducing the tax burden on cross-border investments.

Incorporating a company in Finland offers a range of benefits, from a favorable business environment and low corporate tax rates to a highly skilled workforce and access to European markets. These advantages make Finland an attractive destination for foreign investors looking to expand their business presence in Europe.


In Finland, there are generally no widespread restrictions on foreign investment. Nevertheless, there exists a regulatory framework known as the Act on the Monitoring of Foreign Corporate Acquisitions in Finland, overseen by the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. This legislation allows for the scrutiny and potential restriction of foreign corporate acquisitions, particularly when they implicate critical national interests. These key national interests primarily revolve around:

National Defense: Ensuring the safeguarding of Finland’s national defense capabilities.

Security of Supply: Guaranteeing the reliability and continuity of essential supplies.

Functions Essential to Society: Preserving the proper functioning of services that are vital to the nation.

It’s important to note that the guiding principle of this legislation is to maintain a positive stance towards foreign ownership. However, when it comes to companies critical to the security of supply and national security, Finnish authorities retain the ability to exercise control over ownership. If deemed necessary, they can impose restrictions on foreign ownership in such companies. In cases where a corporate acquisition potentially conflicts with a key national interest, the Ministry must seek approval, and if necessary, refer the matter for consideration at a government plenary session. This framework ensures that foreign investment aligns with Finland’s strategic interests and security concerns.


Fionza Consultants ensures a swift company registration process in Finland, typically completed within 4 weeks. Upon receipt of the necessary due diligence documents from directors and shareholders, our dedicated team conducts a comprehensive search to confirm the availability of your preferred company name. We then proceed to meticulously prepare all the essential incorporation documents.

One of the key advantages of choosing Fionza Consultants is that you won’t need to embark on any international travel throughout the entire company registration process in Finland. We handle all the intricate details on your behalf.

Once your Finnish company is established, you can anticipate the prompt delivery of your company documents. These include the certificate of formation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, along with a comprehensive register of directors and shareholders.

Within just 4 weeks from the date of your Finland company registration, we facilitate the opening of a corporate bank account with a trusted local or international banking institution. This ensures your company is fully operational and primed for business within a mere 8 weeks from the commencement of your engagement with Fionza Consultants.

For a more detailed, step-by-step guide on how to register your company in Finland, be sure to visit our informative webpage. Our priority is to streamline the process and optimize your company’s visibility for search engines.


Certainly, I can provide you with a more SEO-friendly summary of the different business models available in Finland:

Proprietorship (Toiminimi): This is a simple and popular way to start a business in Finland. You, as the entrepreneur, have full control and responsibility. It’s ideal for small businesses with minimal paperwork.

Limited Company (Osakeyhtiö): The most common business form in Finland, suitable for various operations. Shareholders determine voting power, profit sharing, and liability. No minimum share capital requirement.

Partnership (Avoin Yhtiö): Formed by two or more individuals with equal status and shared responsibilities. Partners are personally liable for decisions and debts.

Limited Partnership (Kommandiittiyhtiö): Combines accountable partners and sleeping partners. Accountable partners handle operations, while sleeping partners act as investors.

Cooperative Association (Osuuskunta): Owned by members, each having one vote. Members’ liability is limited to their investment. Governed by a Board of Directors and a General Meeting/Board of Representatives.

Public Limited Company (Julkinen Osakeyhtiö – Oyj): Requires a share capital of €80,000 and can trade shares. Listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and governed by the Companies Act.

Ltd Company (Osakeyhtiö): Ideal for larger investments, employing staff, and profit generation. It offers tax benefits and limited liability for shareholders.

Branch of a Foreign Company (Sivuliike): An entity of a foreign company operating in Finland. Requires a representative with a Finnish domicile and, for non-EEA members, special permission from the National Board of Patents and Registration (NBPR).


Welcome to Fionza Consultants, your trusted partner for setting up a company and opening a bank account in Finland. Follow our 6-step guide, and you’ll be conducting business with your Finnish company in as little as 8 weeks.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Corporate Entity

Our dedicated consultants will assess your business goals and activities to recommend the most suitable corporate structure. We’ll help you determine the optimal share capital, corporate setup, and any necessary licenses for your business.

Step 2: Reserving Your Company Name

Fionza Consultants will perform a name search and reserve your preferred company name with the Finnish Trade Register at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

Step 3: Preparing Necessary Documents

We’ll guide you through providing essential Know Your Customer (KYC) documents, including director names, certified passport copies, address proof, bank reference letters, and CVs for due diligence checks. If needed, we can assist in renting local offices and appointing a company secretary.

For non-EU resident directors, we’ll handle permit applications as required. Additionally, we’ll draft Articles of Association, a business plan, and other incorporation documents tailored to your business activity and structure.

Step 4: Registering Your Company

Fionza Consultants will file the Articles of Association for approval with the Trade Register. Once approved, we’ll complete the final company registration by filing Y1 incorporation forms with the Finnish Patent and Registration Portal. We’ll then courier your Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, and other corporate documents to your chosen address.

Depending on your business activities, we’ll assist in obtaining necessary business permits.

Step 5: Opening a Corporate Bank Account

After registration, Fionza Consultants will help you open a corporate bank account in Finland. We have partnerships with reputable banks, and our team will introduce your business to relationship managers and compliance teams.

Typically, this process takes around four weeks, and travel is often not required for directors and shareholders. If needed, we’ll accompany you to the bank meeting or negotiate for a conference call. Our team can also assist in cases where the meeting is conducted in Finnish.

Once your account is open, we’ll courier the internet banking token and access codes to your preferred address. We work with international banks like Nordea Bank, Danske Bank, and BNP Paribas Fortis to provide you with a wide range of options.

Step 6: Financial Reporting and Taxation

After your Finnish corporate setup, Fionza Consultants will continue to support you with accounting and tax services to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations. We’ll assist with registration with the Finland Tax Administration and manage your financial statements, corporate tax returns, and bookkeeping.

Corporate income tax is typically 20%, and other applicable taxes include property tax, business tax, and Value Added Tax (VAT).

Our dedicated consultants are here to address any questions and help you navigate your company’s obligations.


Minimum Capital Requirements in Finland

When establishing a private limited company in Finland, there are no specific capital requirements. However, for those looking to form a Finnish public limited company, it’s essential to meet the minimum capital requirement of EUR 80,000. Ensuring compliance with these capital requirements is a crucial step in the company formation process.

Minimum Directorship Requirements

In Finland, for the formation of a company, you must have at least one director and, if applicable, one deputy director. If your company has two directors, it’s necessary to appoint a deputy director to fulfill the company’s obligations. Directors must meet specific criteria, including being natural persons, above 18 years of age, without a history of criminal offenses, and not declared bankrupt or insolvent. Additionally, at least one director or member must be a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), although exemptions may be possible through the Finnish Trade Registry.

Minimum Shareholder Requirement

To initiate the company formation process in Finland, you are required to have a minimum of one shareholder. This single shareholder plays a crucial role in the ownership structure of the company.


To establish a company in Finland, you’ll need the following essential documents:

Corporate Decision Minutes: Document showing the company’s decision to incorporate in Finland.

Corporate Bank Account Resolution: Resolution authorizing the opening of a corporate bank account in Finland.

Memorandum of Association: Detailed information about the initial shares subscribed by company members.

Articles of Association: The company’s governing rules and regulations.

Finnish Trade Registry Notification: Formal notification to the Finnish Trade Registry.

Finnish Trade Registry Fee Receipt: Proof of payment for registration, EUR 380 for physical processing or EUR 270 for online processing.

Auditor Confirmation (or Share Capital Payment Receipt): Confirmation of share capital payment by the auditor or a receipt if no auditor is present in the company.

These documents are vital for the company formation process in Finland.


When it comes to incorporating your company, accounting and tax considerations are paramount. Trusting Fionza Consultants with your accounting and tax obligations in Finland ensures you’re in expert hands. Our dedicated team of consultants ensures timely completion of your firm’s financial statements, corporate tax returns, and audits, all without the need for you to travel.

Outsourcing your accounting and tax needs to Fionza Consultants not only guarantees timely reporting and filings but also helps reduce overhead costs. Before we begin our engagement, our accounting team will keep you informed about all the essential deadlines and expectations. Subsequently, we proactively prepare all required filings to meet the specified deadlines.

Corporate Tax: In Finland, limited companies face a uniform corporate income tax rate of 20%, covering all types of corporate income, such as sales profits, interest income, dividends, royalties, and rental income.

Value-added tax (VAT): Finland’s standard VAT rate is 24%, with a reduced rate of 14% applicable to the supply of foodstuffs, animal feed, restaurant and catering services. There’s also a 10% reduced rate for items like books, pharmaceutical products, passenger transportation, accommodation, newspaper subscriptions, and periodicals.

Personal Income Tax: Finland employs a progressive taxation system for individuals, where higher incomes are subject to higher tax rates. In 2019, the national income tax rate for individuals ranged from 0% to 31.25%. Additionally, individuals pay around 20% in municipal tax.

Accounting Requirements: In Finland, publicly traded companies are the only ones obligated to adhere to IFRS Standards. Other entities, such as partnerships, sole traders, or professionals, can adopt the local Finnish Accounting System.

The Accounting Act and Accounting Decree govern accounting provisions in Finland, providing guidelines and regulations. The financial year in Finland typically aligns with the calendar year or a twelve-month period, with the maximum length of 18 months. Financial Statements must be prepared within four months of the financial year’s end and submitted to the Trade Register (PRH) and Tax authorities.

These financial statements should include:

Balance sheet revealing the financial position at the balance sheet date.

Profit and loss account detailing profit or loss.

Cash flow statement (for large enterprises or public-interest entities).

Notes to the balance sheet, profit and loss account, and cash flow statement.

According to the Accounting Act, financial statements must be retained for at least 10 years after the financial period ends. Other accounting materials, such as invoices, vouchers, reconciliation reports, accounts receivable, and human resource documents, should be maintained for 6 years following the financial year’s conclusion. Trust Fionza Consultants to handle these intricacies efficiently and effectively for your company.


Political Finland’s political system is highly regarded for its transparency and efficiency, similar to other Nordic countries. Currently, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) governs in a coalition with the Center and the Greens, with the next elections scheduled for 2023. During the pandemic, the government supported businesses and invested in the economy, positioning Finland among the least affected countries in terms of economic damage.

Legal Finland offers an exceptionally stable and predictable business environment, underpinned by transparent government, effective state institutions, an independent judiciary, and a strong commitment to the rule of law. Finland has consistently ranked as the top business environment globally in the Global Innovation Index 2022 and as the most stable country for nine consecutive years according to the Fragile States Index 2022.

Licensing and certification requirements in Finland differ from other European countries, necessitating advisory services to navigate domestic legal and regulatory needs for a smooth market entry.

Social While the Finnish language may pose a challenge, Finland is a highly international country where English, Swedish, German, and Russian are also commonly spoken. Finland has consistently been recognized as the “Happiest Country in the World” for five consecutive years by the World Happiness Report 2022.

Technology Finland is globally renowned for its digitization, boasting a knowledge-based economy open to globalization and investment. It ranked first in the 2021 DESI comparison of digitalization and excels in digital public services and technology integration. Finland’s high digital competence, with 76% of the population having basic digital skills, surpasses the EU average of 57%. Additionally, Finland has earned accolades as the “3rd Most Innovative Country in the World” by the Consumer Technology Association 2019 and the “2nd Most Skilled Workforce in the World” by the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2019.

Environment Finland has implemented a comprehensive regulatory framework for environmental issues, largely influenced by EU legislation. According to the 2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) by Yale and Columbia Universities, Finland ranks as the “3rd Cleanest and Greenest Country” globally.


Get in touch with us today to learn more about the process of company registration in Finland. Our team of experienced experts is here to assist you, and we guarantee a response within the next 24 hours. Contact us now for valuable information and guidance on starting your business in Finland.


Company Registration
5 weeks
Bank Account Opening
3 weeks
Local Director
Travel Required

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