Register A Company In Singapore in 2024 | One-Stop Formation Services

Register A Company In Singapore In 2024 | One Stop Formation Services

Fionza Consulting specializes in facilitating the establishment of companies in Singapore, leveraging the nation’s strategic geographic position and robust economic framework. Singapore’s state capitalism model offers numerous advantages for businesses seeking to thrive in the region’s financial, service, and shipping sectors.


Fionza Consulting assists clients in establishing two primary types of companies:

Private Limited Company:

Allows up to 50 shareholders.

Provides a platform for raising capital through shares and bonds issuance with approval from local authorities.


Listed Company:

Requires a minimum of 50 shareholders.

Enables public issuance of shares and bonds for capital procurement post local government approval.


Singapore’s favorable business environment offers several benefits:

Strategic Geographical Position: As a logistics hub, Singapore provides excellent connectivity for international trade.

Strong Reputation: Companies benefit from Singapore’s solid business reputation.

Tax Incentives: Favorable tax policies encourage business growth and investment.

Sound Financial System: Singapore boasts a stable and efficient financial infrastructure.

Reduced Trade Barriers: Access to sensitive technologies and international investment opportunities.

Financing Opportunities: Facilitation of trade and listing financing.

Brand Expansion and IP Protection: Platform for international brand expansion and robust intellectual property rights protection.

Immigration Opportunities: Possibilities for settling as immigrants.


Registration Requirements for Fionza Consulting clients include:

Minimum registered capital of 1 Singapore Dollar.

At least one natural person or corporate body shareholder with no nationality limitations.

At least one local director (citizens, permanent residents, or pass holders residing in Singapore).

A local registered business address provided by Fionza Consulting.

Specified business scope within relevant industries.


Materials Required for Incorporation:

Memorandum and articles of association.

Affidavit of compliance.

Certificate of identity.

Director’s letter of appointment and affidavit of qualification.

Reporting table of the company’s registered address and office hour.

Details of managing directors, company secretaries, auditors, and share issue records (to be submitted within one month after incorporation).


Incorporation Process for Fionza Consulting:

Company English name ending in PTE. LTD., denoting a private limited company.

Original copies or certified copies of directors’ and company originators’ ID cards or passports.

Original copies or certified copies of directors’ proof of address for the last 3 months.

Incorporation typically takes about 2 working days, subject to complete information collection and due diligence clearance.

Should you have any enquires about Singapore Company Incorporation, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

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