Obtain Citizenship In Austria

Citizenship-by-Investment Program

Why Immigrate To Austria

A member of the European Union, Austria is considered a prominent location for foreign investors to reside in due to the many benefits that residents enjoy, including social security benefits, a free educational system, and a high standard of living relative to the cost of living. Not only does Austria ensure a high level of health care to all its residents but it also adopts a flexible outlook, making it relatively easy to open bank accounts and set up businesses. Strategically situated within Europe, it provides for effective and efficient business relations across the continent.


Antigua and Barbuda launched its citizenship-by-Investment Program in 2013, and offers many benefits to Antigua and Barbuda passport holders, such as:

请注意: The obtainment of citizenship in Austria is irrevocable. The application processing time is 24-36 months.



Note: Knowledge of the German language is not required to obtain citizenship in Austria. Passive investments (real estate, government bonds) do not qualify for citizenship. Prior residency in the country is not required.