Checkliste für Lizenzbewerber

The first step in obtaining your forex broker license is to decide which jurisdiction is most suitable for your particular needs. Fionza Consulting currently offers licensing solutions in the following countries:

Minimum Capital Requirements
Every forex, Investment firm or Cryptocurrency Exchange operator must deposit and maintain a minimum capital as required by relevant regulations of the country where the license application is submitted. Please Contact Us to find out what are the minimum capital requirements for the selected type of license in a particular jurisdiction.
License Application Associated Fees
Every regulatory authority levies certain application processing and license fees; these vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and also depend on the type/category of license being applied for. In addition, you will have to provide for legal and consultancy work, which inevitably accompany your licensing procedure. We shall be able to provide you a quotation and information upon your request.
Setting up your Operational Office
Certain jurisdictions that regulate financial services require that the licensee holds a fully-fledged operational office in the country where the license is issued. We can assist you with the setting up your office as per minimum requirements stipulated by regulations.
Employing Qualified Staff
Regulated financial services business must be handled by properly qualified and experienced staff in order to protect investors’ money and be able to produce positive financial results. Our HR unit can handle all relevant subjects which include selection of the personnel, immigration and work permits, drafting employment contracts and, most importantly, check adequacy of the candidates against key position in your firm.
Personal Due Diligence Documents
All directors, managers and shareholders/beneficial owners of the firms applying for a forex, investment or Cryptocurrency Exchange activities license must be clearly identified by presenting certified copies of their identification documents and proof of their residential address. Directors and managers must also show their relevance to the industry and professional experience by producing documentary evidence in the form of CV’s, education degrees and/or professional certificates or otherwise.
Software and IT Arrangements
It is common knowledge that virtually all trades are presently conducted on-line and as such your organization would require relevant software in order to process forex, Investment or Cryptocurrency Exchange transactions. We are in a position to provide recommendation on and assistance with the selection and acquisition of required software and advise you on requirements some regulators impose in relation to IT and network related matters.
Marketing and Promotion
Having a license and the complete set-up of your business does not by itself guarantee that you will get customers. You will have to make them know about your existence and services by setting up and implementing a feasible marketing plan and employing marketing techniques. Fionza Consulting has knowledge and expertise to create tailor made marketing plan for your firm and to provide you with unique marketing techniques and ways in order to get maximum marketable exposure and success in order to attract clientele to your forex and binary options or investment business.