Obtaining a Brokerage License in Latvia

To engage in brokerage activities in Latvia, you must obtain permission from the special commission responsible for regulating local financial resources and funds

Preface: To engage in brokerage activities in Latvia, you must obtain permission from the special commission responsible for regulating local financial resources and funds. This license grants you the authority to offer various financial services, including consulting on material deposits, currency market trading, fund placement, and more. It is essential to note that only legal entities that are residents of Latvia or other EU member states are eligible for a brokerage license. If you are an individual, you must register a new company in Latvia before applying.

Requirements for Obtaining a Brokerage License:

  • Familiarize with Key Regulations: Gain a deep understanding of the “On the Market of Financial Instruments” decree, the cornerstone of Latvia’s economic regulatory framework.
  • Shareholder Expertise: Shareholders holding more than 10% of company shares must showcase their expertise in owning and managing substantial capital.
  • Founder’s Hiring Autonomy: Founders can assess employee competence and qualifications during the hiring process, subject to subsequent review by the audit commission.
  • Mandatory Annual Audits: Annual audits are compulsory, and failure to comply can result in license suspension or revocation.
  • Transparent Financial Documentation: Document the financial status of organization owners, providing clear proof of fund origin to ensure transparency and legality.
  • Tangible Authorized Capital: Your authorized capital should consist of tangible assets, with a minimum contribution of 125,000 euros, subject to potential increases based on your company’s activities.
  • Resident Directors Requirement: Appoint at least two resident directors from Latvia to hold key managerial positions within your company. Their qualifications and experience will undergo rigorous assessment.
  • Unified Subsidiary Activities: All subsidiaries of a licensed investment company must align their activities with the main office, prohibiting registration for other ventures.
  • EU-Wide Validity: Benefit from passportization with a Latvian brokerage license, enabling it to be valid throughout the EU. It requires annual renewal with a modest fee contribution to the state fund.
  • Local Director Inclusion: Incorporate two local directors, who must be Latvian citizens, into your company’s organizational structure.

Benefits of Forex Operations in Latvia:

Latvia offers several advantages as a jurisdiction for forex operations, including:

  • Simplified Bank Account Opening: Latvia offers a streamlined process for opening bank accounts, facilitating your financial operations.
  • Application Flexibility: If your initial application faces rejection due to registration issues, you have the option to resubmit after addressing the specified remarks and errors.
  • Efficient Registration: The registration process in Latvia is notably efficient, with a period of less than one quarter for completion.

By leveraging these benefits, you can establish a solid foundation for your Forex market operations.

Conditions for Authorized Capital:

The authorized capital for licensed forex firms cannot include intangible assets. The supervisory commission determines the required capital level, which varies based on the type of license:

  • STP license: EUR 125,000, along with other financial criteria.
  • Market makers: EUR 730,000.

Documentation and Registration:

To obtain a broker license, you must establish and register a company, open a bank account, and submit relevant documentation to the licensing authority. There is no license fee, but annual fees apply, set by the Latvian regulator.

Licensing Requirements for Owners and Personnel:

Owners must provide accurate information, maintain a clean business reputation, and demonstrate the legality of their funds. Shareholders with over 10% ownership must possess professional knowledge and experience in brokerage activities.

Board members should have a track record of working in similar roles for at least three years. The company has discretion in evaluating the sufficiency of shareholders’ expertise.

Additionally, key personnel must meet educational and experience requirements, and two Latvian residents must hold senior management positions throughout the license duration.

In conclusion

Obtaining a brokerage license in Latvia offers a gateway to the European financial market, granting firms the ability to provide a wide range of financial services.

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