Obtaining a Seychelles Securities Dealer License with Fionza Consulting: A Comprehensive Guide

Preface: A Seychelles Securities Dealer License, also referred to as a Seychelles Broker’s License or Seychelles Brokerage License, is a requirement for businesses looking to provide securities dealing services in Seychelles.

Fionza Consulting offers comprehensive assistance to clients seeking to obtain a Seychelles Securities Dealer License, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from start to finish. Our primary objective is to have your Seychelles securities dealer business fully operational within the stipulated time frame.

Our corporate services package includes all the essential elements needed to establish a Seychelles Securities brokerage company:

  • Registering the Foundation with Seychelles Registrar of Companies
  • Providing a Local Secretary and Registered Office Address in Seychelles
  • Hiring a Local Management Company and Registered Agent
  • Utilizing Nominee Founder Services
  • Accessing Annual Accounting Services

What is a Seychelles Securities Dealer License?

A Seychelles Securities Dealer License is mandatory for companies planning to offer securities dealing services in Seychelles, whether they are acting as agents on behalf of clients or as principals trading in securities for their own accounts. The Securities Act 2007 governs and outlines the regulations for the provision of securities dealer services in Seychelles.

Why Obtain a Seychelles Securities Dealer License?

Obtaining a Seychelles securities dealer license offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced Credibility: Holding an official Seychelles securities dealer license enhances your company’s credibility, instilling trust in clients. Licensed businesses often enjoy improved reputations and increased profitability.
  • Expanded Service Offerings: A Seychelles securities dealer license grants your business the authority to provide a wide range of services, including trading in securities, forex, contract for differences (CFD), performing CTA activities, trading in commodities, offering investment advice, and managing portfolios. This diversity can attract a broader client base, increasing competitiveness and revenue.
  • Low Minimum Capital Requirement: The minimum paid-up capital required to obtain a securities broker license in Seychelles is relatively low, at US$50,000, allowing companies to allocate funds to other essential expenses.

Why Set Up a Seychelles Securities Dealer Business?

Seychelles is an attractive jurisdiction for traders and broker businesses due to the following advantages:

  • Economic and Social Stability: Seychelles maintains economic stability and a relatively high adult literacy rate, making it conducive to business operations.
  • Privacy and Asset Protection: Seychelles’ corporate laws ensure the privacy of company directors and shareholders, appealing to those seeking anonymity.
  • Speedy Incorporation Process: Seychelles facilitates fast company registration, typically within a week, without a minimum paid-up fund requirement.
  • Business-Friendly Laws: Seychelles offers competitive corporate tax rates and flexible financial regulations, favoring financial service businesses.
  • Access to African Market: Seychelles is an excellent choice for firms looking to enter the African market and tap into its substantial consumer base.
  • Requirements for Seychelles Securities Dealer License

To obtain a Seychelles Securities Dealer License, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 2 qualified and experienced directors, with no nationality or residence restrictions.
  • Minimum of 2 shareholders.
  • Minimum paid capital of US$50,000.
  • Qualified securities dealer representative with an authorized license.
  • Approved representative office.
  • Compliance officer (MLRO) residing in Seychelles.
  • Proof of suitable insurance coverage for the company’s scope and nature.

How to Secure Seychelles Securities Dealer License with Fionza Consulting

Fionza Consulting offers a streamlined process to obtain a Seychelles Securities Dealer License:

Step 1: Prepare Necessary Documents

Gather required documents, including company information, business name reservation proof, passport and residential proof of stakeholders, and bank references (if needed).

Step 2: Register Your Business

Fionza Consulting will handle the registration of your Seychelles business with the Registrar of Companies, eliminating the need for international travel.

Step 3: Prepare License Application Documents

After successful incorporation, prepare the mandatory documents for the Seychelles securities dealer license application, including passports, residence proof, certificates of incorporation, and other relevant information.

Step 4: Recruit Local Directors and MLRO

Fionza Consulting will assist in recruiting 2 qualified local directors and a compliance officer (MLRO) in Seychelles.

Step 5: Apply for Seychelles Securities Dealer License

Fionza Consulting will submit your license application to the FSA, including all necessary documentation.

Step 6: Register for Tax

After obtaining the license, Fionza Consulting will register your business with the Seychelles Revenue Commission for tax identification.

Step 7: Open Corporate Bank Accounts

Fionza Consulting will facilitate the opening of international corporate bank accounts, including operational and segregated accounts.

Step 8: Maintain Compliance

Fionza Consulting will ensure ongoing compliance with local regulations, handling accounting, tax services, and annual renewal payments.

Timeline for Obtaining Seychelles Securities Dealer License

The typical application process with Fionza Consulting takes approximately 5 months to complete. Travel to Seychelles is not required during this period, as Fionza Consulting will manage all necessary documentation and communication on your behalf.

Apply for a Seychelles Securities Dealer License

If you require a Seychelles Securities Dealer License or need more information, please get in touch with us for a free consultation. Our team of experts will respond within 24 hours to assist you

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